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I'm making a Unity game where my VR player has different abilities on each hand in the scene. I would expect that if I'm holding the controllers in the wrong hands my hands would be crossed in the VRIK and remain that way until I uncrossed them. However, after about a second in game the IK guesses that I'm holding the controllers wrong and attempts to fix this for me. Although this technically works and uncrosses my hands it breaks all of the abilities and other logic in my game for each hand. So overall, how do I disable this "guessing" so that the player's arms remain crossed if they're holding the wrong controllers in the first place? I'm hoping I can just cut out the method doing this to stop the automatic fix. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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It's a SteamVR issue (doesn't happen with Oculus Touch that are asymmetric controllers) rather than an IK one. Here's some info on how you can detect whether it is a left or right controller with SteamVR. If you detect that an IK target has ended up being parented to the wrong controller, just flip their parents and localPositions/Rotations.



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Thank you so much for the info

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