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Can I use PuppetMaster to create ragdolls of all kinds of creatures and set them up with PuppetMaster?

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Yes, PuppetMaster can be set up to make any kind of creature follow it's animation. 

The ragdoll creation tool (BipedRagdollCreator) included was designed for bipeds though, but it can still be used to do most of the work of setting up a quadruped ragdoll.

Using the RagdollEdior will simplify making adjustments to the colliders and joints.

Tails and other non-bipedal body parts need to be set up manually though. Just add Rigidbodies, colliders and joints (if ConfigurableJoints are too complicated, use CharacterJoints, then select the root and do GameObject/Convert To ConfigurableJoints). Then after you have set up PuppetMaster, you can expand it's "Muscles" array and add the tail joints manually there.

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