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Hello! Excellent job for  the Q&A (Better than forum)  I am interacting with an object and i am picking it up, configuring fingers so as to hold it with right and realistic way. Then i drop it (as the video tutorial shows) But my fingers stays in a "grab position". How can i reset it so as to keep it "open", like when i start the scene. Thank you!

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If you are using the InteractionSystem and the HandPoser for the fingers, normally the Animator should overwrite the finger pose once the HandPoser is not used anymore by the interaction. But if you don't have finger animation, enable "Fix Transforms" in the HandPoser.
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I have HandPoser, When i drop the object the "grabbing pose" remains. It happens the same with Interaction System Test GUI. Also i forgot to mention that i use VR IK. And the Avatar is from Mixamo (if it helps) Can i reset it some how with code in the Drop coroutine? Thank you!
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Please try calling this on the HandPoser:

poser.poseRoot = null;
poser.weight = 0f;
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That worked! Thanks

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