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I am using aimik to aim at enemies using the mouse crosshair as an invisible object that aimik follows everything works in idle position animations. When my root motion animations start running aimik no longer aims at crosshair and at certain degrees / animation blending the aim is off. I was wondering how do you use aimik plating root motion animations while still have aimik being in control over upper body. I have spent weeks trying different things. I could use some help or even 1 on 1 help and pay for your time

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AimIK should work accurately regardless of the animation.

Is this a third person game? In that case the camera forward and the gun barrel are not aligned as you look from an elevated position, not looking through the scope of the gun. So if you see the crosshair in the middle of the screen, the character seems to be aiming lower if the object your crosshair is on is close. 

What you should do is make a raycast or spherecast from camera towards camera forward and set AimIK target to what it hits (where the line from camera to crosshair hits the ground on the diagram).

If that's not the issue, maybe you have another IK component that updates after AimIK and messes up your aiming?



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