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Is there a solution for getting accurate results like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFviHqKfD8o  

This person used VRIK but claimed that he customized the arms and legs. So it looks like he got rid of the IK method for the arms and did an FK solution. I've never used Unity so I don't know if customizing it will be hard or easy, can someone please let me know if it's easily doable without me having to code or anything.

How hard will it be to make "elbow vive trackers" rotate the shoulder joints, and make the "Vive Wands" rotate the elbow joints?

Edit: Would this method work? Using the "Look At IK" tool. So the shoulder joint follows the elbow tracker and the elbow joint follows the Wands. But is it possible to make the Vive trackers a target? Thanks

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Yes, you can edit the results of VRIK if you need some different behaviour for the arms or whatever. Final IK components work pretty much like layers of animation that can be additively stack on top of each other together with some custom code if necessary.

Here's a video of a mocap-like solution that uses elbow trackers. It uses a little additional script that runs after VRIK to rotate the upper arm towards the elbow target and forearm back towards the hand target. You can get that script and the demo from here.

Note that since the arm only has 3-4 bones, you can choose between elbow accuracy and hand position accuracy. With the elbow tracked solution, you'll loose some hand position accuracy just like you do when you retarget Humanoid animation from one character to another in Unity. It happens beacause the bone length proportions are different.



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