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I just wanted to ask if there is a good solution for a character with a capsule collider using the Biped IK script and the Grounder on stairs. We tried putting a ramp collider on the stairs to hold up the capsule collider so that the feet of the skeletalmesh with the grounder fall through and use the mesh collider of the stairs as reference. But with the current settings on the grounder, that we use for other situations in the game, this seems to be a bad solution. Also the capsule collider directly on the stairs look silly. Is there something you worked out for specifically this situation?

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If the problem is that the capsule is unable to go up the stairs because it's too thin and you can't increase it's radius because you need it to be able to get close to walls and stuff, then one possible solution would be this:

Add a SphereCollider to the character controller in addition to the capsule. Set that sphere collider on a layer that collides only with the ground, but not with walls and any other obstacles. That way, the big smooth sphere will enable you to glide over the stairs better without preventing the character from getting close to things.

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