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Hi, Partel, I'm a big fan of both Final IK and Opsive Character Controller.

I know you metioned you will try to provide integration soon and I was wondering when we can expect it.

I hope it happens soon as I'll depend on Final IK for many things and I've been waiting for it for a while.

If you would like, I can be a beta tester for the integration. Please let me know.

Many thanks.


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Opsive has started developing their own integration for FIK. The integration would require changes to their code base, so its better if it comes from them.


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Hi, Partel, I just talked to Justin from Opsive.

He said Opsive IK is designed to be exteded and you don't need to modify thier codebase.  

It seems like you will need to inherite a class from CharacterIKBase.

I'm not sure who is better for the integration and I will really appreciate if you can talk to him to figure it out. ^^

Thank you very much for your support.

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May I ask why exactly do you need to switch from their already working IK solution to Final IK?

Just not sure what the integration should be about.


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Hi, Partel,

I'll be using for all sort of things. First of all, weapon controls such as ADS(Opsive doesn't support 3P ADS looking through the scope object), weapon holding(Opsive IK has some issues with non-dominant hand), more natural look-at, object interactions, driving vehicles and etc. I believe FinalIK is more natural, feature rich, and performant than the normal UnityIK and that's why I'm trying to use.

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I looked into it. Opsive's CharacterIK is a 1000-line script that solves all the IK from within itself, not like a component-based IK solution similar to Final IK.  CharacterIKBase only enforces that architecture, so I don't think it would be a reasonable thing to do to try to merge the two together.

It would be better to just disable Opsive's IK and start adding in Final IK components to solve the specific things you need to solve. So if you'd like to use FIK look-at, disable the look-at part of Opsive's IK, add LookAtIK from FIK and set it's target to whatever you need to look at.

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Hi, I see.

I'm afraid if I remove Opsive's IK and it might break something as their character Abilites(current and future) relies on it.

Oh, well, I talked to Justin and he said he will work with you but it seems like I'm stuck at this moment.

I'll try to work around it temporarily but I hope FinalIK supports Opsive at some point.


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