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We have a calibration step in our game that looks at the position of the HMD, motion controllers, torso tracker, and feet trackers, that then scales the individual limbs and torso of the skeleton of the player to better match their body. The first time calibration was easy to set up, as we just waited to enable the VRIK script until the skeleton was the right size. However, I haven't found a way to make this process run again smoothly if a player wanted to recalibrate during runtime. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the skeleton to change limb size/setup dramatically, other than literally scaling up or down the skeleton's joints (which isn't as elegant for me implementation wise as it prevents me from setting point positions via transformation.

Is there any way to reset the base, t-pose skeleton's joint positions during runtime?

Thank you for your time!

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Have you tried calling ik.solver.FixTransforms() to reset the pose of the character before you recalibrate?
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Hi rtel,

We got things working by calling ik.solver.StoreDefaultLocalState() instead of FixTransforms. This was the function that I was looking for that I didn't realize existed. However, FixTransforms could work for those who calibrate in a different order. For us, it was important to scale the character based on the target positions, and then save those as the new default positions, instead of setting the avatar to the default positions and then scaling it.

I do have a fresh question, which we can move to a separate support thread if desired, around disabling the Root (and thus the Spine and Chest)'s desire to follow the Waist Tracker if the Waist Tracker is visible.


P.S. Expect to see me reach out on LinkedIn (:

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Im not sure if I understood the question right, but there was a bug fixed recently that rotated the body towards the pelvis target if it was assigned, but even if pelvis position/rotation weight were 0.

Please grab this patch if that was the case.

Refreshing my LinkedIn ;)



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