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first of: Amazing product you have created there, cheers for that!

Secondly my setup: FinalIK 1.8 in Unity 2018.2.13f using the "VRIK (Steam VR)" scene in the _DEMOS folder.

Now to my question: I do have a problem with using the VRIK calibration (VRIKCalibrationController script) in order to calibrate the pilot avatar.

The problem is that after running the calibration the fixed controller position is not at the same place on the avatar where it has been before calibration. The controller seems to have shifted from the palm of the hand (where it is located before calibration) to the wrists of the hands. I think it is best to show this with pictures:

This is how the controllers are located before calibration:

Controller position before calibration

However the avatar arms are not competely stretched even when my real arms are strecthed out fully, making the avatar look like this:

Avatar before calibration

Because of this i run the calibration and the avatar looks much better, it's arms are fully stretched when my real arms are fully stretched also:

Avatar after calibration

However now the controllers are displaced:

Displaced controllers

This also leads to arms that are way too long for the avatar:

Arm length after calibration

Do you have an idea why the controllers are displaced during calibration? My understanding is, that the controllers have a fixed position on one of the hand bones and this shouldn't change during calibration. Or am i wrong? Basically i'd like to know how i can achieve correct positioned controllers even after calibration. 

Sorry for the long post and thank's for your efforts in advance.

Cheers, Martin

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You can adjust the "Hand Offset" value in the calibration settings.


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Thank u for pointing that out! I didn't find any documenttion about VRIK yet, so please excuse dumb questions like the one before :)

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