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Hey Pärtel,

thx for the hints! After some fiddling around i managed to get the animations to play when moving the HMD. However when playing the scene the pilot obviously is not calibrated correctly so the scene starts with athe pilot model crouching. I integrated your calibration script (VRIKCalibrationController) to calibrate the model. When i hit calibrate, the pilot model scales correctly and leaves its crouching position in a proper standing position. However i also loose the animated locomotion, meaning that after calibration the pilot is again animated solely through ik. 

So in short this is the situation: I start the scene and animated locomotion of the legs is working, however the model is not scaled correctly. After calibration i have a correctly scaled model but i've also lost the animated locomotion.

Can you help me with this one m8?

Cheers and thx!


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Does it work if you call this after the calibration?

ik.solver.locomotion.weight = 0f;



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Is there also a way to disable animation at all (hand, head, etc.)? For some reason I can't remove the avatars animator.
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yes, calling ik.solver.locomotion.weight = 0f; after calibration helped to fix it. Thank you very much!

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