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I'm getting an error about not being able to parent or destroy gameObjects inside the prefab (so Puppetmaster can't seem to create a puppetmaster object and do all its magic in setup).

Is this something that has to get updated or am I doing something wrong?

Any ETA on a fix?

EDIT: The weird thing is: It KINDA works in runtime mode (clicking set up Puppetmaster) during playmode but not when in the editor.

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Yes, it is compatible, but the setup can't be done directly on prefabs anymore.

Use this solution:

1. Make a duplicate of your character before making it a ragdoll or drag in a fresh instance of the model

2. Use BipedRagdollCreator on the duplicate to make it a ragdoll.

3. Add PuppetMaster to the ragdoll.

4. Assign the original character as "Target Root" in PuppetMaster.

5. Click on "Set Up PuppetMaster".

So if Target Root is not the same gameobject as PuppetMaster, it will not have to duplicate the character and remove any unnecessary components from the duplicate, which is not allowed anymore for prefabs in Unity 2018.3.


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I also receive this error. Partel, you didn't update your tutorials nor you provided a new tutorial video on Youtube...
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Sorry, please import this patch, it will unpack the prefab when creating the puppet so things work just like they used to.



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