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Problems with setting up Vive trackers with VRIK mocap


We are trying to set up VRIK with 3 Vive trackers (pelvis, left and right foot). So far we have tried to copy the position and rotation of the character's bones to set the offsets for the VRIK targets, and also tried to adjust their values in play mode. But we spent hours tweaking for example the pelvis, and the body never gets in the right position, as shown in the picture.

What is the right way to set up Vive trackers with VRIK with ease? 

We've looked at these videos, but it doesn't seem to work for us, especially the pelvis:

 https://youtu.be/jTMa1pgmVC4 and https://youtu.be/6Pfx7lYQiIA


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I think you can also try to integrate FinalIK into this demo to get familiar with it.


The demo has some code to deal with the roles of trackers, which will make the task a bit easier. I can share my version if you are interested.
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Hey, the demo seems quite interesting. We can for sure try out your version if you share it with us.
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Please share your version. The best solution (that was built on top of vive_ik_demo) I found is




I want to introduce finalIK version. I Have 10 trackers.

The most advanced is most probably this:

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Please take a look at the "VRIK (Calibration)" demo in Final IK.

VRIKCalibrator and the demo script VRIKCalibrationController were designed exactly for that kind of stuff.


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Thank you Pärtel,

The Calibration demo has helped quite a bit with setting up the trackers. Now we're able to make the Dummy model to stand relatively straight.

We're still having challenges when we use our own models. They have a bit shorter legs and arms and longer torso, so for example we have to bend our arm quite a lot before the model's arm starts bending as well. Or the model stands on tip toes while we have relaxed legs or slightly bent. Do you have anything we can try out here to get a better retargeting? Thanks!

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