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Hello! I'm just started using puppet master and I love it! but when I use cinemachine with it starts jittering a lot, if I put putter master on kinematic or disable the jitter stops. Changing the cinemachine update method does nothing, Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks!!

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Sounds like an issue with the cameras updating at a different frequency. Did you try setting all ragdoll and character controller rigidbodies to Interpolate?


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I'm using the default character controller to add a little extra velocity to move the character, I just did a test and if I disable the Character controller and just keep puppet master active everything is smooth again, there is a solution to this? or i need to change from character controller to rigid body? Thanks!!
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I tried going with the rigid body but my character depends on simple move and controller move (Like delta position for small adjustments), so after I while I got the character to stop shaking I changed the animator updated mode from animate physics to normal and it stopped the shaking a little, then i turned off the map position setting in all the muscle settings in the puppet master. and it runs so smooth now, changing the animator update mode and turning off the map position setting can cause me problems in the future?
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No, normal update mode is actually safer. No need to worry about animation not affecting physics, like with a normal character. With PuppetMaster, the physical rig is controlled only by physics anyway. Turning off map position can only give you a little bit of inaccuracy with the feet.
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Not sure if this will help others but I fixed by jerky cinemachine camera while following my character by changing the CMBrain UpdateMethod from SmartUpdate to LateUpdate.

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