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NOTE: You can see what I mean in this youtube video (it's not mine and don't wish to promote but it showcases the 2 characters, 1 styatic doing the animations and the active ragdoll following the animations).

We had an active ragdoll before which relied on the static character (which did all the animations) to get it's bones position and such (as we want to hold it upright with physics, we disable pin weight).

Would it be possible to have mapping weight at 0 and pin weight at 0 but also have the PuppetMaster have a skinned mesh that follows the colliders/active ragdoll?


We see that if we do mapping weight to 1, the bones and location of them(of the static/animations character) are the same as the location of the active ragdoll, which we don't want.

So basicly we'd like to know if we can also have a skinned mesh renderer or the "visuals" of our character on the puppetmaster without having to do it with mapping weight.

Essentially having 2 skinned characters(as of right now you can only have 1 skinned mesh renderer and switch between mapping weights?).

I know I e-mailed for this but maybe this would also help people if they had the same question.

Looking forward to the reply!

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Just replied to your email.


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Damn, is it possible to get the answer here too? I am interested to get it because I have I think the same problem.

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Hey, sure...

Looking at that video, it seems like it body balance is faked with a joint keeping it upright. It can be done with PuppetMaster if you set pin weight to 0 to have the muscles actuated by muscle force only. Then you'd need to add a constraint that keeps the body upright. You could create a new kinematic Rigidbody, move it to the spine of the ragdoll and add a ConfigurableJoint between that and the spine muscle. That would be your "balance controller" and you can set the Angular X/Y/Z Motion of the joint to Locked, but X/Y/Z Motion to free.



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