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Say i have a fullbodyIK + puppetmaster rig with a sword in the hand.

I have no animations for sword swings,

Can't i theoretically use Tweening on effectors to create behavior?

For example i can tween Rhand position and rotation across the body, and the rest of the body should move properly.

or is it better to just have a standard FBX for swing left, swing right, etc and just have IK make final adjustments.
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Or maybe its possible to animate a character using poses?

say i create an "idle" pose, and a "sword ready to swing" pose, "post swing pose". changing between them could effectively be an animation if variables are tweaked right?

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Technically it is possible, but it would be much easier and also more efficient in terms of performance to use traditional animation. You can check out UMotion Pro from the Store if you'd like to create animation in Unity.



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