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Lets say i have a standard humanoid biped with FBBIK + Puppetmaster.

This humanoid biped has a standing "idle" animation with a sword and shield.

If i want the shield to aim at my VR controller, would I:

1) use the Aim IK with the shield as aim transform, and set target to my VR controller?

2) Move the FBBIK hand effector holding the shield to orient it to face my controller?

Regarding Impact forces and resistances to displacement, i wanna do like your boxing fighting example but with swords and shields. I assume this is what puppet master excels at and i just have to play around with the variables.

So say i have "attack" animation that is right hand sword slash right to left horizontally.

To aim the strike at my VR headset, would I:

1)Use Dynamic Effector Pinning with target as VR headset?

2)Use Aim IK with target as VR headset?

Would my shield still try to properly aim at the VR controller while attack animation is occuring?

if while the sword is animating from right to left, I use my VR controller to move a physical rigidbody to block the sword, is it possible for high velocity collision to interrupt the sword attack animation?

This depends on variables set in puppetmaster?

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In both cases, whether you want to aim the shield or the sword strike, I suggest you do it with AimIK.

Please take a look at the "Aim Swing" demo, it uses a tiny additional script to make AimIK work additively on top of animation.

About interrupting the attack animation, it is quite easy. Detect a collision between the enemy sword and your own sword/shield and if collision.impulse.sqrMagnitude > some threshold, call for the enemy animator to cross-fade back to the idle animation.


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Thanks for clarifying.

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