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Most of the time my ragdoll behaves correctly and follows the animation, but some animation may result in more collision with other collider from environmental  or other ragdoll, and often time the limb ragdoll will move around like crazy, most of my tuning value is default, my physics setting is mostly default with solver iteration at 6, and muscle spring at 125 and muscle damper at 10.

is there any other tuning I can try to avoid limb go into crazy jitter?

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If the animation penetrates a kinematic collider, the forces acting on the ragdoll to keep it pinned to the animation become very strong and conflicting with the collision depenetration forces. The best way to fix it would be to decrease "Collision Resistance" in BehaviourPuppet which makes those collisions reduce the pin forces more. It can also be decreased only for the wall/environment layers if you use the "Collision Resistance Multipliers".



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