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First of all, I'm using only one VR controller to mimic full body gun aim pose and that  controller is attached to a gun model .so I tried vrik which works well by attaching left and right to their respective places on gun .but when I put my hand down or turning around one hand is passing through the body and reaching its point .is there any way to avoid this?. I checked you AimIK demo it's doing correctly by removing his left hand from the gun and running Idle animation.

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The AimIK demo does that by switching between 6 animated poses. So its a pose for every orthogonal aiming direction. I think you could use the same AimPoser system from that demo to switch the animations on your VRIK character, to make the job easier for the solver. Take a look at the SimpleAimingSystem.cs script on how the AimPoser can be used.



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