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I sent this in as a support request but thought the forums would benefit as well.
I have been talking with users on the Jason Booth's discord channel about MicroSplat and terrain tessellation and issues with the FinalIK asset. The biggest issue is that the IK character feet sink into the terrain when tesselation is used. Happens with CTS as well. It isn't just FinalIK that has the issue as even Unity's IK solution exhibits the same behavior. However I believe that FinalIK is the one most of us are using. 
Jason said that the solution would have to reside in the IK product and suggested a possible solution I quoted below. Does FinalIK have the capability of doing an offset based on terrain texturing? If not is this something you might be able to add?
Also in case you are interested Jason's Discord Channel is here https://discord.gg/NcTnn3t
Jason Booth 12/12/2018
So, the stuff in there for it is experimental, and it's not exactly "add this component and your done".
What you'd want to do for feet is use an IK system and modify it to get the offset from the terrain based on the texturing..
The MegaSplat component can give you that offset, but that's really it - the rest would be up to you. 
I personally prefer MicroSplat for terrains by a large margin.. what you need to do is keep low res versions of the height maps around and given a UV coordinate (which you can get from the raycast hit), read the control maps, sample the appropriate height values, and blend the result the way the shader does.Then the IK system would have to use that position instead of the raycast hit one.

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I was working with Jason on a solution for this back in June 2017. I got the IK part working, but there was a problem with getting accurate displacement offset from MegaSplat using MegaSplatCollisionInfo::GetPhysicsOffsetPosition().

The error is not very big, maybe up to half a unit, but in terms of foot placement, that means knee deep under ground. Jason tried to figure out the problem, but didn't find it so we eventually dropped it.



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