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setting 0 pin weight results in max realistic physically controlled characters, using muscles only.

I'd like to achieve that, but i feel maybe its impossible to not cheat a little bit and increase pin force, because the other values won't balance good enough.
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like for example,

I set pin to 0 for all muscles.

1)Now in real life, legs are very strong and stiff relative to rest of body.

So i can make leg muscles high force to maintain animation.

2)Pelvis is "core" muscles so should maybe be even stronger then legs, or more consistently stronger than legs. Maybe there's behavior where legs become weak like Stagger animation, but core should still be strong muscle force.

3)Chest, arms, etc could be gradually weaker muscle. So more reactive to impact, less natural resistance to external forces.

So a kind of natural approach to muscle forces.

Of course some tweaking necessary to have realistic opinion that a character is "Strong" or "weak",

but no cheating necessary with pinning.

This is what i really want to accomplish, it would incredible for that kind of enemy design.

I hope its possible.

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You can set pin weight to 0, but controlling balance while walking and doing other stuff realistically with muscles only would be an insanely difficult task. Would require some neural networks and machine learning, a PhD in physics and at least a year of your time.

If you want to have biometric muscle strengths, it can be done by using the "Muscle Weight" sliders in muscle properties on the bottom of PuppetMaster. Set it to 1 for the strongest muscle (probably the thigh) and decrease the other ones proportionally.
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lol gotcha, thanks.

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