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So ive been thinking of what's a good way of deciding what type of behaviors to make.

My idea is that a puppet behavior represents the muscle tension of some activity.

Like for example,

I have relaxed idle animation, which goes with loose muscle force bahavior.

i have relaxed walk animation, and use the same behavior.

Now i may have an "alert" idle animation, in real life that might mean more muscle tension in body, so that would mean a new behavior with stronger muscle force.

maybe for a mellee attack animation, the muscles at first are same as "tense" behavior.

But at the final part of attack animation, the muscles behavior changes to "brace" behavior so the muscles are maximum force, to simulate body tension right before melee impact.

So that's my idea for now for behaviors.

What you think?

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Yes, you can just adjust puppetMaster.muscleWeight or foreach through puppetMaster.muscles and set muscle.props.muscleWeight to a value between 0 and 1 for each individual muscle if necessary, based on the animation that is currently playing.

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