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Hey - we're using FBIK on some characters and when we turn fix transforms off (it causes some issues in our scenes) the characters head is flying off over time, and shoulders are imploding.

The docs suggest that this might be because the bone doesn't have animation data and isn't being set on update but I can confirm that it does have data, could something else be causing this?

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Even if it has data for the rotation channel of the head, it probably does not for the position channel. If you have problems like that, it is best to keep FixTransforms enabled. If you wish to have it disabled for some performance resons, you can also make a script that reads the localPosition of the bones you are having problems with in Start, then set localPosition to that value in each Update.


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Hey Partel

Thanks for this - I'm certain the bones do have position channel data, I can see it in the fbx imported into maya, plus my export pipeline involved a forced bake of those channels. Could there be another reason for this?

Thanks for the alternative, could try that. 

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