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Hi I am trying to use both PuppetMaster and Final IK on an enemy character for melee combat which if the force is below a certain threshold, I will use the hit reaction script which works with the FullBodyBipedIK script, otherwise I will set the PuppetMaster to a unpinned state and let it fall

Right now, the head and the arms would "explode" from the arms when hit due to the PuppetMaster's RemoveMuscleRecursive function. However the mesh/bones of the character's head and arms does not get separated from the main body even though the colliders from the Puppetmaster parent gameobject is disconnected.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong or is the Final IK keeping the bones/mesh of the head and arms of the character in its current position.

It would be great if you can show me some insight on how should I create a enemy that uses both Final IK and PuppetMaster and I can still remove the muscle from the Puppetmaster normally.

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Does it work if you disable the IK? Just trying to see if the problem is FIK or PM or something else.

If it's a SkinnedMeshRenderer, then you'll need some kind of a solution to cut the mesh from the neck. Like having a headless version of the skinned mesh to switch to and a separate mesh for the head that flies away.
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I have tested with disabling the FIK and only PM is on, I still see the colliders of the muscles from the PM falling off but the mesh is still together.

Yes the SkinnedMeshRenderer is used to render the model, and they are connected to the bones of the PM. it seems like the bones of the PM did not fall off together with the muscles of the PM thus the mesh does not have any changes when the muscles fall off.
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How exactly were you calling RemoveMuscleRecursive?

The first bool parameter, attachTarget, determines wheter the target bone will be parented to the rigidbody that flies off.
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Thank you for your help and your tip on setting the attachTarget parameter to true which helped me to fix the problem.

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