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Hi, Partel,

Is there way to specify damping in IK solver?

For example, I would like LookAtIK to slowly change the head when it looks at the target and when the target changes.

I can use IKPositionWeight but it only works for the first look at target but it won't work when it looks at the different target.

Likewise, it would be nice also for AimIK to have damping so that it doesn't change the too suddenly.


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Please try adding the LookAtController component (or AimController for AimIK). Check out the "LookAt Controller" demo. It has some smooth turn towards the target parameters.


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Ah.. I see. You are doing interpolation and feed the new position to the IK solver. I guess I could do that myself and I was looking for more like a built-in solution to the IK solver so that we don't need the extra controller.  If so, it will be much easier to use and increase the quality of the IK, in my opinion.

If that's hard to do, I guess it's ok doing the interpolation ourselves.

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Yeah, I'd like to keep those things separate because I want the IK to do just the IK algorithm and nothing else really, because there are multiple ways one could do the target interpolation and stuff like that so I don't want to force people to use mine.



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