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I'm having this problem where calibration isn't extending the arms or legs to match hand and head trackers. I'm only using head & hand trackers via Oculus. The positions are working though. Have any idea what the problem could be?

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VRIKCalibration doesn't actually do that. It only calibrates the general scale of the avatar.

But if you wish to adjust limb proportions, you can do so my adjusting the Arm Length Mlp in the arm settings and Leg Length Mlp in the leg settings. The automatic stretching feature also helps with masking problems related to limb proportions. You can enable that by going to the "VRIK (Basic)" scene and copying the "Stretch Curve" over from the Pilot to you own avatar.


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ahh ok I see now.

I guess that's a script I need to write so that a new player can have their avatar match their limb length. What do you think about the execution order? Possibly calibrating scale first using your script then running another that matches their limb length after that? Or vice-versa?
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Yeah, it should be done after VRIKCalibrator.

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