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I need to use the Aim or Look at IK on the FBBIK now.

I tried almost thing to stop rotation the head bone when move the Offset Effector which have elements both shoulders.

It do not keep aim or look at the target object. how can I fix to keep looking the target when I move the Offset Effector?

I also tested the FBBIKHead Effector which you called VRIK. I'm using the Final IK beta version now.

Because I have the Unity4 Pro License. and I purchased the Final IK on the asset store what you gave me before.

I just want the head work as same like the hand IK or Foot IK. It just only no support the head IK.

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Not sure if I fully understood you, but you could try changing the update order to make AimIK or LookAtIK solve after FBBIK.

Add the IKExecutionOrder component and drag in FBBIK to the IK array first, then the AimIK or LookAtIK.


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Thanks for reply Pärtel Lang.

I tried what you told me just right now. and It also not work with the offset effector.

I saw some comment for this case and who some one suggested to refer the "Aim Boxing" demo scene.

It have a CSharp code that

void LateUpdate() {

// Rotate the aim Transform to look at the point, where the fist hits it's target in the animation.

// This will set the animated hit direction as the default starting point for Aim IK (direction for which Aim IK has to do nothing).


// Set myself as IK target

aimIK.solver.IKPosition = transform.position;


This demo is not use the offset effector and FBBIK. but I tested add a FBBIK and Offset effector into the Dummy in the Demo scene. and it worked. but this Aim work is not head bone. It also worked with the shoulder bone.

ah.. it also not work anymore..... Aim IK do not keep loot at the target when the offset effector moving... hoooo....
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Today I just changed the array of order on the IK execution order component.

Element 0 = FBBIK

Element 1 = AimIK.

and it's work now. Thanks a lot.

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