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I've added FBBIK and grounder to my player character and during certain animations, such as the slide pose, the grounder script will cause the character to bounce up and down.

After tinkering with the parameters i've found that by setting the pelvis speed to 0 (or less) the issue doesn't occur, however that results in an unpleasant outcome during other animations.

I've tried fiddling with the other parameters but none of them helped.

If i turn the chest slightly then the issue doesn't occur, i'm using setLookAtPosition, removing any of my own IK calls doesn't remove the issue.

Is there something i could try to fix the issue that doesn't involve editing the animation?

Here's a gif that showcases the issue and my script priority:

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That behaviour looks a lot like the Grounder raycasting hitting some collider that is on the character itself. Please make sure none of the layers of the colliders on the character, including the character controller capsule, are included in the Grounder layers.


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Unfortunately that's not the case, i've changed all gameobjects from '4: default' to '6: ignore raycast' (with the exception of the floor) and the issue persists. Grounder only solves for '4: default'.

As an additional test i've changed the grounder script solver layer to '6: ignore raycast' and the issue doesn't occur.
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Then I can't really say, have not seen this before. Could you send me a repro or something to support@root-motion.com?



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