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i am currently trying to make VRTK and VRIK work together. So my setup right now is as follows (steps to reproduce):

  • The VRIK_VRTK example scene from your VRIKInteractionSystem package as the base scene
  • A PlayArea object with VRTK_Body Physics script on it, just as in many of the VRTK exampe scenes
  • A simple ramp object to walk up on
So if i move up the ramp while in a standing position everything works es expected, the avatar model moves up the ramp with his feet more or less staying on top of the ramp surface.
However if i move up the ramp in a crouched position (headset position at approximately hip level height) the avatar model is still being lifted up but only from his hip upwards. The feet stay on the ground, not on the ramp. It more or less looks like as if the avatar is getting up from his crouched position while moving up the ramp, while his feet and legs stay "inside" the ramp and fixed to the ground.
So this is how it looks like when moving up in crouched position:
When moving up in a standing position it looks like this:
Do you have a hint for me why VRIK might behave like this and how to fix it?
Cheers in advance!

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Hey, VRIK's built in locomotion only moves the character horizontally, so it goes into the ground. Make a raycast from the HMD down and place the root to hit.point.y.


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Thanks for the hint m8! Before i start trying, one more question: Which root do you mean? The transform of the gameobject with the VRIK component on it or is there  some parameter in the VRIK script that you are refering to?
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Hi again, i found my mistake. My pilot object was not parented to the [CameraRig] object. After doing so the VRIK driven pilot moves up the ramp as to be expected. Thx again for your help!

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