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there seems to be a problem when using PuppetMaster and VRIK together. It can be seen e.g. in the "VRIK (SteamVR PuppetMaster)_Jumping" example scene from your "VRIK PuppetMaster.unitypackage" (unfortuantely i cant find the reference where i got this package from anymore, you linked to that package either somewhere in the unity forum or on your questions and answers forum).

The fingers get skewed in a weired way. The same happens in a newly created scene with the pilot avatar and VRIK and PuppetMaster set up. The problem doesn't appear when using only VRIK on the pilot model. The fingers look like this:

I couldn't find where PuppetMaster actually interacts with the finger bones of the model but somehow it still must interfere with them. Do you have any tips on where to look at or what to tweak?

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PuppetMaster never touches the fingers so that can't be it. I think I've seen that skewed Pilot finger problem somewhere, I think it comes from faulty avatar configuration or something like that, basically a Humanoid retargeting issue. Does it happen with another animation clip?



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