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I'm using the VRIK and Grounder components with SteamVR. I copied the structure from the SteamVR integration demo and the VRIK (Grounder) demo. I was expecting behavior similar to the VRIK (Grounder) demo, where the dummies feet stay on the platform. Hwever what I'm seeing is that it seems to be grounding the feet to the bottom of the SteamVR play space instead. I have the correct layer set (Terrian), which is different from the layer that the SteamVR play space and CharacterController are on. 

Any help appreciated. 

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Please take a look at the "VRIK (Moving Platform Controller)" demo too. It has a script that you can use to apply platform position and rotation deltas to VRIK so it doesn't fall behind. Also, the Grounder does not update the position of the character root, it only works on the bone level, so you'll need to have a rigidbody and a capsule collider on the character.

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