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hello i being using puppet master for some time now, it works great but sometimes I play the game and the puppet just falls to the ground without affecting the character, so when this happens I usually rebuild the whole thing but I wonder if there is a way to fix this without doing all that process all over again, Thanks!

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It usually happens if the mucle positions do not match with their targets, so PuppetMaster fails to initiate and it should log a warning to you in the Console about this. Usually happens if you move the puppet rig to another place, but leaving PuppetMaster behind. So always move the rig from the root transform in the Editor.

Set the localPosition/Rotation of both PuppetMaster gameobject and the animated hierarchy to zero. If that doesn't help, right-click on PuppetMaster header and select "Fix Muscle Positions".

Better checks and logs and fixing tools for this problem will be added to the next version.


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Fix muscle positions did the trick! thank you very much!

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