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I have been attempting to make the Interaction system and my Infinity PBR character work together for the past 5 hours and i simply cannot get close.

I am trying to make my character pick up a simple Log of wood (a very simple object) i have followed everything from the interactive demo (where they pick it up in two hands) 

I don't know if something is wrong with the character so i was hoping that someone here could help me.

So first of all my character has the following bones:

And i have mapped him as follow:

Now on the actual object i have followed the video Tutorial by setting the hand object from a duplicate of the original model:

On the object i have the following configuration (duplicated from the "Box" in the demo)

Then when attempting to run this i get the following result:

My character does pick the object up but one hand is not at the correct position. (and it looks like he is in great pain HAHA :) )

Can anyone see what ive done wrong?

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Could you please send me that character fbx to support@root-motion.com so I could take a closer look?


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I have sent you an email.

Thank you in advance

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