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i am cuurently implementing the death procedure of my character. At the moment the character is based on the "Puppet Raycast Hit.unity" example, so the puppet has the BehaviourPuppet component on it and some falling / get up animations. 

As long as i only want to hurt the character that is all working fine. But when i actually want my character to die this behaviour gets in the way, as i want the puppet to transition to "ragdoll mode only" with no behaviours running. I already tried setting the "Can get up" parameter to false but that doesnt do the trick either. The character doesnt get up this way but still goes into some kind of protection pose. But i would like him to go  into ragdoll mode without any muscles / animations etc.

So my question is: How would i disable the behaviours so the puppet goes into pure ragdoll mode when dying.



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Did you try puppetMater.state = PuppetMaster.State.Dead;?

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