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Hi Partel. I have an issue that's been driving me crazy. I have a fairly simple falling animation (similar to your "Protective" demo animation). To keep things simple I have used your GetUpSupine and GetUpProne animations. My problem is that the model distorts (hips distort upwards about 0.3m like and wrists/ankles twist weirdly) for an instant just before either of the Get Up animations start. If I set the GetUpDelay and Crossfade Time to 0 it helps but there's still a detectable distortion flicker before the Get Up animation starts playing. I have "Visualize Target Position" on and the animation stick figure definitely doesn't buck/distort like the model appears to.

The setup of the PuppetBehaviour and Fall Behaviour are fairly standard based on your examples. I have tried varying values for Crossfade Time, Blend To Animation Time, Get Up Regain Pin Speed, but nothing changes this problem. It seems unrelated to the animations as I have also changed all of these in/out with others and the problem still exists.

I've even switched off the Fall Behaviour and simply ragdoll the model when it loses balance, but this makes the problem even worse (limbs appear to concertina). I've double checked the avatar configuration to make sure all the bones are oriented and mapped (i.e. in the correct TPose). Could it be a problem with the model (FBX from Blender)? All the other animations and transitions work flawlessly - it's just this specific transition that is causing problems.

Can you point me to any potential areas that might be causing this? Or how I can work around it?
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After posting this I tried setting the Blend To Animation Time setting to 0 (in Getting Up section of BehaviourPuppet) and it seems to have stopped the problem (I thought I had tried this before but obviously not). I'd still like to know why this is happening so I don't get similar issues in the future. Any ideas?

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Not exactly sure based on this information. Could you make a video in slow motion so I could see the issue?

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