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Hi, Partel,

Thanks for the wonderful product and I'm really enjoing using it.

Finished FinalIK integration and now onto integrating PuppetMaster with Opsive UCC.

I think I got everything working and I'm stuck getting up.

Here is the video to show the problem.


The character is getting up but then it tries to go to where UCC character was at the collision.

The problem is obvious but I'm not sure how to solve the problem. 

I'm sure you have dealt with this problem before.

Do you have a copy of UCC? (or TPC?)  If so, you can try it yourself.



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I still have it in my list to update the PM-Opsive integration to their new UCC. it's quite tricky, since they have a new approach to updating everything in FixedUpdate. Not sure when I can get it done. But based on the video, looks like you already have the most of it. Just seems like the puppet teleports when it gets up. Make sure the character controller does not move until the puppet is back in Pinned state (behaviourPuppet.state == BehaviourPuppet.State.Pinned). Try increasing the "Min Get Up Duration" in BehaviourPuppet too.


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Yeah, UCC controller is not moving while unpinned.

I think the problem is that you cannot directly set UCC character position directly since the positions are update internally.

I guess what I need to call an event when it needs to teleport with position and rotation.

Please let me know if it's possible.

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I worked around to make sure it updates UCC character position by checking if the puppet pinned or not from UCC code.

Thanks for the help but adding the event is not necessary at this moment.

Have a nice day~

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