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Hello, I use Final Ik for making a third person shooter game but I have a problem. I use AimIk for making the character pistol facing to a direction put when I shoot I want to make a recoil animation. The problem is that when the animation is playing the character spine is rotating in order to still make the forward of the firepoint facing to the AimIk solver. I tried the solution that you recommanded us in the AimIk doc page but it doesnt works. Can you help me please ? ( sorry for my english )

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What exactly does not work if you use the solution recommended in the doc page?

Could try adding AimController.cs and enabling "Use Animated Aim Direction" in it, then tweak the value of "Animated Aim Direction" until its accurate.


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Thanks for your answer. I have a shoot animation that run when I shoot, but the spine and the other bones are bending for keep the aim transform facing the target. but with the solution recommanded in the doc page the spine stop bending for compensate but the upper body is not facing the target anymore. Maybe you can reupload the file that you upload for rickyX here : https://forum.unity.com/threads/final-ik-full-body-ik-aim-look-at-fabrik-ccd-ik-1-0-released.222685/page-76#post-4282198 It could maybe help me.
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Sorry, I can't find that file anymore it was probably years ago. Is the upper body just not aiming accurately or not doing anything at all?

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