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First of all, I just purchased FinalIK to use in a VR project I'm working on. It took me maybe 5 minutes to figure out how to set up the references and the solver. It is extraordinary how well it works with such minimal effort. Well done!!

I have three questions if you don't mind.

  1. It appears that my hand bones are rigged in a way that doesn't perfectly align with the controller. Is there a way around this? (perhaps an image will help in this case?)
  2. It appears that the scale of the model I'm using affects how well the IK works. Will this mean that I have to re-scale the model for users of different height, or is there another solution?
  3. Have you tried integrating VR IK with leap motion, and if you did, do you have any pointers? I'm going to try this very soon


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Hey and thanks for the purchase!

1. Do not assign the controllers directly as IK targets. Add new child gameobjects to the controllers and use them instead. That way you can adjust the alignment simply by changing the localPosition/rotation of the IK targets.

2. (re)calibrating the height can be done like so:

float sizeF = (ik.solver.spine.headTarget.position.y - ik.references.root.position.y) / (ik.references.head.position.y - ik.references.root.position.y);

            ik.references.root.localScale *= sizeF;

 3. I used to have a Leap integration, but had to drop it, sorry. They keep updating their API very often and usually in ways that completely break all previous implementations of it. Also my leap device stopped working, looks like its broken. The last working integration I had can be found from here if you'd like to give it a shot.



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Thank you very much!
asked Mar 13, 2019 in General Help by anonymous
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Regarding #2 where would be a good place to put this?

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