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Regarding #2 where would be a good place to put this?
related to an answer for: VRIK - several questions

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Hey, sorry for being vague...

So make a new script, name it VRIKHeightCalibration, then paste this code in:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using RootMotion.FinalIK;

public class VRIKHeightCalibration : MonoBehaviour {

    public VRIK ik;

    public void CalibrateHeight() {
        float sizeF = (ik.solver.spine.headTarget.position.y - ik.references.root.position.y) / (ik.references.head.position.y - ik.references.root.position.y);

        ik.references.root.localScale *= sizeF;


Add it to the VRIK gameobject, assign the "IK" field in the Editor. Then you can call CalibrateHeight() on it whenever you wish to calibrate the height.



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