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I set up VRIK and it work great! For locomotion though it falls a bit short. Do we have a recommendation for the best way to set up in VR a full body IK tracking system with walking/running animations? Thank you for such a fine asset as well it is one of my favorites.

-Bryan Meadows

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The built in procedural locomotion was designed in the early days of VR when there was no room-scale and most people used teleportation locomotion, so yeah, it's only good for shuffling the feet around in a couple of square meters space. To do animated locomotion, all you need basically is a standard 8-direction strafing animation blend tree. Then just make it follow the horizontal direction towards the HMD by root motion and/or script. I've used Kubold's Movement Animset Pro from the Asset Store, pretty good animations for that kind of stuff.


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Does this mean the asset won't work well with full room scale tracking solutions?

I've noticed that my character in VRIK is moving in a strange way kind of tip-toeing from place to place - is this why?

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