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I have just started using FinalIK and are testing it in the demo scene.

If the character walks on the slope, the default maxFootRotationAngle bends the ankle too much.

I changed the value of maxFootRotationAngle to about 15.

However, the toe sinks on the slope.

I changed the value of heightOffset so that the toes did not sink on the slope, but the other foot was too floating.

Are there other properties to change or other components to set?

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heightOffset just add y offset to both of the feet, used for fine tuning basically.

I don't think there are any other parameters though. Human ankles bend upwards about 40 degrees. Maybe it is a skinning issue that makes the ankles look bad?


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I try to find the compromise value by adjusting maxFootRotationAngle and heightOffset.

Thank you.

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