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Hello Pärtel, we are a small team developing a vr game and we found your asset to be exactly what we needed.

We are currently working on integrating the character movement with th vrik component and we have stumbled upon one two big issues.

The first one would be the hand rotation. We cant find a correct way to rotate the hand without having some clipping issues with the model. The forearm seems to be reluctant to rotate with the hand (wich would be great to compensate the wrist movement). I have the impression i might not be using correctly the bend goal field because no matter what I fill it with, i get no result.

The second issue we have is the  model´s arms length. I have tried scaling the body and using the armLengthMlp to compensate this issue but whenever i bend/fold my arms the character lost some fidelity with the vr controller movement.

What could you reccomend as to solve this issues?

Here are some picks of my setup



Here you can take a look at the code I was  working on.


p.s : the naming convention on the reference fields seem to be incorrect but are well placed.

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I see you have the TwistRelaxer on the upper arm bone. Did you try adding it to the forearm bone instead?

You can actually have them on both, but you'd need to specify their update order then. Update the forearm relaxer first, the upperarm one second. You can do that by disabling them and calling twistRelaxer.Relax() after VRIK has solved (you can use ik.solver.OnPostUpdate delegate).

About the arm length, did you try using the built in dynamic stretching (Stretch Curve)? Please go to the "VRIK (Basic)" demo and copy the "Stretch Curve" from the Pilot's arm settings over to your character for a good optimal value). More info about the stretch curve in it's tooltip.



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