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I'm trying to create a game that picks up an item by specifying the character's position and orientation relative to the item and looking at the item with the camera.

Although set with reference to the tutorial video, it is possible to pick up items depending on the position and orientation of the character.

However, if I specify an item collider in LookAtTarget of InteractionTrigger, I can not pick up the item.

At the end of Interaction System Part 4, you are explaining the triggers for using the camera.

I can not test because there is not the same demo scene.

Is lookAtTarget a VR or FPS only feature?

Can not use in TPS?

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That camera position thing was developed for VR for the early days when there were no hand controllers yet, but it should be possible to use if for TPS too.

Make sure you have "FPS Camera" assigned in the InteractionSystem component and the Look At Target collider is included in "Cam Raycast Layers" and "Cam Raycast Distance" is large enough to reach the collider.


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I forgot to set up Cam Raycast Layers.

Thank you.

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