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Hello i am using Oculus and a Mixamo model for avatar. I made the VR Setup as the video tutorial. But when i am standing up and i am looking down i actually looking outside my head (in the back of my head) The OVRCamera rig goes outside the avatar. In fact i can go as higher i can get . Is there any way to constraint camera rig INSIDE my head? (and in front of my eyes?)

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Do you have "Plant Feet" enabled in VRIK? If so, it will keep the feet planted no matter how high your camera gets, so if it's too high, you'll get this "out of body experience". If you disable "Plant Feet", the head will be locked to the camera, but if the avatar is too short for you, the feet will start floating. You can scale the root of the avatar to make it match your size.
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Thank you ! Also, i have to say that i've changed the height in oculus settings (from set up) and helped

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