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Thanks for your help so far, I am now working on a new biped character that has wings on its back. I am curious to see if I am able to use the Puppetmaster to disconnect the wings when my player was to shoot at the wings when it is flying, causing it to fall when both wings are disconnected. From my understanding, Biped Ragdoll Creator and Puppetmaster is only able to set up the usual biped models, so if I have a character with wings both script would not be able to handle the wings for me to set up the rigidbodies and collider or to disconnect them from the body.

I am unsure if there is a possible solution that is already in Biped Ragdoll Creator and Puppetmaster that help me to solve this. It would be great if you can provide me idea on any other plugin or tool to help me with this. Thank you again for your time.

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BipedRagdollCreator does not know how to set up special stuff like the wings, but you can set them up manually and PuppetMaster will be able to use them. You can use BipedRagdollCreator to set up the rest of the character, remove it and add in the wings manually. Just add rigidbodies, colliders and joints. If you find ConfigurableJoints confusing, you can set them up with other joints, then select the root and do GameObject/ConvertToConfigurableJoints. Then set up PuppetMaster like you normally would. You will be able to shoot them off too. See the "Removing Muscles" demo about that. The next version of PuppetMaster will include a much more efficient way of doing that (PuppetMaster.DisconnectMuscleRecursive()), but you can get started with the old PuppetMaster.RemoveMuscleRecursive(), the API will be pretty much the same.



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