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After setting my character up I have the following (incorrect) foot colliders. I know this happens on some models from the tutorial video.

However when i attempt to fix it so that look as such:

The ragdoll just falls over and can't stand. 

Can anyone help me with this?

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It happens when you move the ragdoll foot gameobject. You can only rotate it. To move the collider, do it via collider.center. To fix your rig, right-click on PuppetMaster header, then select "Fix Muscle Positions" from the context menu. If your foot colliders end up offset, move the colliders, not the gameobject itself. Another option would be to parent a new empty gameobject to the foot and copy/paste the collider onto that. Then you can move that child object freely.

The next version of PuppetMaster forces the gameobects in place so it should not happen again.


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Thank you so much for your answer Partel. This did work however I still have issues when the character walks/run. It looks like that character is glitching when I have my puppet master active.

Have you tried this before?
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What did you mean exactly by glitching?

Try disabling "Internal Collisions" and "Angular Limits" in PuppetMaster. If that takes the "glitch" away, its either the colliders being too big and getting stuck in each other or the joint limits too tight and not allowing enough freedom for the ragdoll to follow the animation.



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