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Hello  Pärtel, sorry to bother you again with another question but iwe were wondering, is it possible to simmulate the plant feet behaviour in my spiderlike character?

We have implemented some ingame mechanics that involve crouching and we would like to have the whole set of legs crouched as the user crouches.

Currently we have assigned two legs to the solver but we would like to clone this behaviour to the other legs.

Do you have any recommendations that would help us?

Thanks in advance.

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If it's VRIK, you can't add legs to it without having to rewrite much of the solver. You could add other LegIK or LimbIK or CCDIK components to solve the rest of the legs though, make them run after VRIK. (using the IKExectionOrder component). In LateUpdate, set each IK component's target to the animated position of the foot.

If you used LimbIK:

void LateUpdate() {

ik.solver.IKPosition = ik.solver.bone3.transform.position;

ik.solver.IKRotation = ik.solver.bone3.transform.rotation;


That way, when you crouch, those leg IKs would still keep the feet where they were in the animation.



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