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Would it be possible to create a simpler humanoid IK solution using the classes already provided in the FinalIK package? I need to create an IK solution that only works with shoulder, elbow, and hand plus exactly one of the spine joints (preferably spine base/hips). I've tried to look at the documentation and going over the source code, but I've not yet been able to work this out. I would really appreciate it if you could provide an example as to how to go about implementing it.

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Yes, Final IK components can be solved on top of each other, think of them like procedural layers on top of your animation. So in your case, you'd want to solve the spine first with CCD or FABRIK maybe, then solve LimbIK or ArmIK (also uses the shoulder) on top of it. You can use the IKExecutionOrder component to define the IK execution order.

There's this old video about combining IK components. The inspector for FBBIK has changed, but the rest is still valid.



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This looks very useful. Thanks!

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