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I've been adding realistic mass to objects to interact with in VR via VRIK and am finding that the characters arm strength needs to be increased. For example; I added a wood cube of 0.25m with a realistic mass of 125 and its a little too hard to push it around. I could decrease object mass but I'd prefer not to if possible.

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Hey, sorry about the delay, was on vacation...

PuppetMaster uses pinning forces (just world space AddForce) and muscle forces (joint slerp drive spring/damper) to make the ragdoll follow the animation. The pinning forces don't even exist in reality, they are used just to pin the ragdoll to the animation to fake balance and improve the accuracy of following the animation. Joint drive spring is also a unitless "unrealistic" value, meaning it can not be directly converted to newtons or joules, it's effect depends on the fixed time step and solver iteration count you are using. So you can't really calculate everything with realistic mass and force.

You could either decrease object mass or increase ragdoll mass if increasing Muscle Spring in PuppetMaster does not help.
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thanks, no problem on time. I hope your vacation went well.

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