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I am trying to make some breakable weapons and props like shield for my enemy characters to hold when they are starts to attack the player, I am curious to know if there is anything that I can use PuppetMaster for, apart from just holding the props, to help me with this and I am looking for ideas on how I should set up my PuppetMaster props that has multiple meshes that falls apart when taking damage. Would it be better if I have the different parts of the objects be attached to the same muscle to form the whole equipment and have a script to do something like disconnecting muscle recursive to break it apart.

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Hey, sorry about the delay, was on vacation...

It should be a single PuppetMaster prop, that has all the broken variants parented to it. So if you break it, disable the whole mesh and whole colliders and just enable the broken mesh and broken colliders.


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No worries. Thank you for your suggestion.

I did something like that and it works alright for what I need it to do.

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