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Hi, I am wondering the best way to set up FinalIK with a guitar playing avatar?

Currently I have the guitar locked to the belly and manually editing arm animations to fit.

What I'd like to do is:

Be able to lock / unlock the left fretting hand to the guitar neck, and the left hand when locked moves in one dimension within a range up and down the guitar neck.

The right arm / hand vertical animation axis align with the current guitar object (strumming the guitar string area).

Ideally by animating the guitar XYZ motion and rotations, the arms will conform to the guitar as best the can (while the body and legs are animated with a seperate blended animation).

Any suggestions on how to implement this or a good workable approximation?

Many thanks!

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Hmmm, actually I finally found a workable solution using hand targets, although conceptually I may need to switch to controlling this though code rather than a timeline animation.

This asset is amazing, thank you so much for your work!

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